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After a few drinks, none of them did not feel a little embarrassed about what happened. Half an hour later, Becky sat with Bill and Jim in an isolated cabin in the far end of the bar.

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Becky said she got up from the table and walked around to face her two.

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"Oh, what may I ask are you doing here?" Jim said, trying to think of a graceful way to exit.

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"Of course, we do not expect you to remember us."

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Wait a second, I remember, you two, about a year ago ... Becky said she took a real long look at the two men. " "Well, I was one, I was just the job for the last year."

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"Not What the hell, nothing to lose." Jim saw that the receptionist even look at them. Looking over his shoulder. They hesitated, not sure if this was a good idea.

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But this does not mean that we have understood this. We recognized that the love for each other grew with each passing month. Or maybe we were just afraid of the consequences.

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